A Line Utility Limited Hydro-Vac & Drilling Services in Ontario

A Line Utility Limited offers hydro-vac and drilling excavation services for commercial, industrial and municipal clients throughout Ontario.

Our hydro-vac truck provides a safe, environmentally friendly way to excavate for electrical lines and other things underground that you need access to. And the range of our line allows us to get to areas that are hard to reach.

The hydro-vac supplies pressurized water that loosens and liquefies all types of soil, while the powerful vacuum system carries the water-and-earth mixture to our truck-mounted tank. When this method of excavating is more expensive or not possible, we offer directional drilling services.

Directional drilling is used mainly for utility installations that require crossing waterways, roadways and/or congested areas. This method is used extensively in urban areas as other techniques would most likely disrupt traffic, cost more and/or create more work. We also provide pneumatic (torpedo) drilling.

To learn more about our hydro-vac, directional drilling and pneumatic drilling services, or to request your free estimate, contact A Line Utility Limited today.

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